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  • Edited by: Ken Wilson, Ben Sheldon, Jean-Michel Gaillard and Nate Sanders
  • 2014 ISI Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: : 21/144 (Ecology); 2/153 (Zoology)
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JAE News

Issue 84:6

In the issue we have a paper on the effects of fire and elephants on arboreal animals in an African savanna with a blog to go with the paper. The In Focus is on animal personality and community ecology.

Virtual Issue

We have a new Virtual Issue on social network analysis by Senior Editor Ben Sheldon.

Issue 84:5

Issue 84:5 is out now including a 'How to...' on “Constructing, conducting and interpreting animal social network analysis” and an 'In Focus' looking at the effects of when Siberia came to the Netherlands and the individual strategies of migratory birds to extreme weather.

Elton Prize

The 2014 Elton Prize winner is James Maino for his paper Reconciling theories for metabolic scaling co-authored with Michael R. Kearney, Roger M. Nisbet and Sebastiaan A.L.M. Kooijman (Journal of Animal Ecology, 83: 20–29).

Prize Winners

Raymond Klaassen and colleagues have been awarded the 2014 Watson Raptor Prize for their paper in the Journal tilted 'When and where does mortality occur in migratory birds? Direct evidence from long-term satellite tracking of raptors'. 83: 176–184. The paper reported important new information on where and when satellite-tagged raptors died on migration and demonstrated just how hazardous migration is for these birds.

The runner up prize also went to a paper in the Journal and was awarded to Christiane Trierweiler et al. for their publication, 'A Palaearctic migratory raptor species tracks shifting prey availability within its wintering range in the Sahel', 82: 107–120.

Congratulations to Raymond, Christiane and their co-authors.

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Special features

Metabolism in ecology Metabolic constraints and currencies in animal ecology Edited by Murray Humphries & Kevin McCann


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