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  • Edited by: Ken Wilson, Tim Coulson, Ben Sheldon and Jean-Michel Gaillard
  • 2013 ISI Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: : 24/143 (Ecology); 1/149 (Zoology)
  • Impact Factor: 4.726
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Special Features

Metabolism in ecology Metabolic constraints and currencies in animal ecology
Our latest Special Feature, guest edited by Murray Humphries and Kevin McCann, is a collection of papers aiming to synthesise the many and diverse ecological implications of metabolism across the ecological hierarchy, from behavior and food choice to whole ecosystems.

Virtual issues

Food Webs Entomology in Animal Ecology
In this Virtual Issue we showcase the critical role that studies on insects have played in shaping our understanding of animal ecology, in the hope that entomologists will send us more of their best work.

Food Webs Food Webs
In this Virtual Issue we highlight the contribution that papers in JAE have played in our understanding of the exciting and fast-moving area of food web ecology.

Out of Africa Out of Africa
In this Virtual Issue on African animal ecology, we highlight a number of recent papers from the region that showcase the major contribution to animal ecology of studies conducted in this vast and extraordinarily diverse continent.

Latest videos

Special structures of hoopoe eggshells enhance the adhesion of symbiont-carrying uropygial secretion that increase hatching success by Martín-Vivaldi et al.

Multi-tissue stable isotope analysis and acoustic telemetry reveal seasonal variability in the trophic interactions of juvenile bull sharks in a coastal estuary by Matich & Heithaus

Patterns of top-down control in a seagrass ecosystem: could a roving apex predator induce a behaviour-mediated trophic cascade? by Burkholder et al.

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