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  • Edited by: Ken Wilson, Ben Sheldon, Jean-Michel Gaillard and Nate Sanders
  • 2015 ISI Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: : 18/149 (Ecology); 2/160 (Zoology)
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Journal News

Issue 85:6

Vol 85 3 cover imageIssue 86:2 is now out including TWO In Focus. The first is by Jason Chapman “Honey buzzards don't always make a beeline” analysing the paper by Wouter Vansteelant et al. The Second is by Bart Adriaenssens “Bold perch live life in the fast lane” looking at the paper by Shinnosuke Nakayama et al. We also have a meta-analysis by Takuji Usui on temporal shifts and temperature sensitivity of avian spring migratory phenology.

Issue 86:1

Vol 85 3 cover imageIssue 86:1 is now out including an editorial announcing new journal initiatives a paper on ‘How to…’ include genetic groups in quantitative genetic animal models and of course a great collection of original research papers.

Issue 85:6

Vol 85 3 cover imageIssue 85:6 is now out and for the first time we have TWO In Focus papers. The First is by Pedro Jardano and takes a look at the paper by Sazatornil et al. on morphological matches and the assembly of mutualistic hawkmoth–plant networks. The second is by Shawn Wilder and Punidan Jeyasingh and they review the paper by Zhang et al. on how warming and predation risk shape stoichiometry.

Issue 85:5

Vol 85 3 cover imageIssue 85:5 is now out; the In Focus is by Associate Editor Eoin O'Gorman and takes a look at the paper by Sato et al. “A test of the effects of timing of a pulsed resource subsidy on stream ecosystems”. As always the In Focus paper and the featured paper are free for all to read.

Issue 85:4

Issue 85:4 is now out and includes a Review paper Josh Daskin and Rob Pringle “Does primary productivity modulate the indirect effects of large herbivores? A global meta-analysis. The In Focus is by Robert Ekblom and takes a bird's eye view of a deleterious recessive allele.

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Podcasts and videos

Executive Editor Ken Wilson discusses what makes a great paper for Journal of Animal Ecology?

Executive Editor Ken Wilson discusses what he is looking for from a paper for the Special Feature on animal host–microbe interactions open call.

As part of the Special Feature “Stuck in motion? Reconnecting questions and tools in movement ecology" Villy explains why reindeer struggle with barriers.

Stephanie Green explains why generalist lionfish are really 'picky eaters' and how their feeding habits will affect invaded Caribbean fish communities. Read the full paper here.

In hot and cold water: differential life-history traits are key to success in contrasting thermal deep-sea environments by Leigh Marsh et al.

Special structures of hoopoe eggshells enhance the adhesion of symbiont-carrying uropygial secretion that increase hatching success by Martín-Vivaldi et al.


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