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  • Edited by: Ken Wilson, Ben Sheldon, Jean-Michel Gaillard and Nate Sanders
  • 2014 ISI Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: : 21/144 (Ecology); 2/153 (Zoology)
  • Impact Factor: 4.504
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Journal News

New Review paper

The paper that introduces the COMADRE Animal Matrix Database has been published in the Journal. The paper by Salguero-Gómez et al. details the Open animal demogrpahy database. Find out more on the blog.

New Special Feature

85:1 is now out with a Special Feature “Stuck in motion? Reconnecting questions and tools in movement ecology”. We have a Forum paper by Liam Bailey and Martijn van de Pol “Tackling extremes: challenges for ecological and evolutionary research on extreme climatic events”. The In Focus paper is by Susanne Åkesson on “differential migration strategies in relation to winds in moth and songbirds” and discusses the paper by Chapman et al. “Adaptive strategies in nocturnally migrating insects and songbirds: contrasting responses to wind”.

Virtual Issue

We have a new Virtual Issue on social network analysis by Senior Editor Ben Sheldon.

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Podcasts and videos

As part of the Special Feature “Stuck in motion? Reconnecting questions and tools in movement ecology" Villy explains why reindeer struggle with barriers.

Stephanie Green explains why generalist lionfish are really 'picky eaters' and how their feeding habits will affect invaded Caribbean fish communities. Read the full paper here.

In hot and cold water: differential life-history traits are key to success in contrasting thermal deep-sea environments by Leigh Marsh et al.

Special structures of hoopoe eggshells enhance the adhesion of symbiont-carrying uropygial secretion that increase hatching success by Martín-Vivaldi et al.


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