Virtual Issue: Biotelemetry and Biologging

Edited by Professor Graeme Hays
November 2008

Small reliable transmitters and data-loggers can now be attached to animals for long periods. This virtual issue of Journal of Animal Ecology brings together recent material published in the journal on the applications of biotelemetry and biologging to a broad range of ecological questions and covers terrestrial, marine and aerial species. Amazing data-sets are coming out of field studies and we cover the developments in data-analysis that are at the vanguard of efforts to make the most of such information, as well as the ecological applications of both established and state-of-the-art devices.
Graeme Hays, Executive Editor, Journal of Animal Ecology

To breathe or not to breathe: Optimal strategies for finding prey in a dark, three dimensional environment
Mark Hindell

Cheetahs of the deep sea: deep foraging sprints in short finned pilot whales off Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Natacha Aguilar Soto, Mark P Johnson, Peter T Madsen, Francisca Diaz, Ivan Dominguez, Alberto Brito, Peter Tyack

Dive and beak movement patterns in leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) during inter-nesting intervals in French Guiana
Jean-Yves Georges, Sabrina Fossette, Philippe Gaspar, Yves Handrich, Yvon Le Maho

At-sea distribution and scale-dependent foraging behaviour of petrels and albatrosses: A comparative study
David Pinaud, Henri Weimerskirch

Recording the free-living behaviour of small-bodied, shallow-diving animals with data loggers
GRAEME C. HAYS, Dan W Forman, Lauren A Harrington, Andrew L Harrington, David W MacDonald, David Righton

Effects of sampling regime on the mean and variance of home range size estimates
Luca Borger, Novella Franconi, Giampiero De Michele, Alberto Gantz, Fiora Meschi, Andrea Manica, Sandro Lovari, Tim Coulson

Robust Hierarchical state-space models reveal diel variation in travel rates of migrating leatherback turtles
Ian D Jonsen, Ransom A Myersand, Michael C James

Moving towards acceleration for estimates of activity-specific metabolic rate in free-living animals: the case of the cormorant
Rory P Wilson, Craig R White, Flavio Quintana, Lewis G Halsey, Nikolai Liebsch, Graham R Martin, Patrick J Butler

Movement trajectories and habitat partitioning of small mammals in logged and unlogged rainforests on Borneo
Konstans Wells, Martin Pfeiffer, Maklarin B Lakim, Elisabeth K V Kalko

Deep-diving foraging behaviour of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus)
Stephanie L. Watwood, Patrick J.O. Miller, Mark Johnson, Peter T. Madsen, Peter L. Tyack

Ontogeny of Diving Behaviour in the Australian sea lion: Trials of Adolescence in a Late Bloomer
Shannon Fowler, Daniel P. Costa, John P. Y. Arnould, Nicholas J. Gales, Carey E. Kuhn

Stomach temperature telematry reveals temporal patterns of foraging success in a free-ranging marine mammal
Deborah Austin, W.D. Bowen, J.I. McMillan, D.J. Boness

Quantitative analysis of bottlenose dolphin movement patterns and their relationship with foraging
Helen Bailey, Paul Thompson

Multiscale patterns of movement in fragmented landscapes and consequences on demography of the snail kite in florida
Julien Martin, James D Nichols, Wiley M Kitchens, James E Hines

Hunt warm, rest cool: Bioenergetic strategy underlying diel vertical migration of a benthic shark
David Sims, Victoria J. Werarmouth, Emily J. Southall, Jacqueline M. Hill, Pippa Moore, Kate Rawlinson, Neil Hutchinson, Georgina C. Budd, David Righton, Julian D. Metcalfe, Jon P. Nash, David Morritt

Animal movement rates as behavioural bouts
Vilis O. Nams

Unrealistic animal movement rates as behavioural bouts: a reply
Chris J. Johnson, Katherine L. Parker, Douglas C. Heard, Michael P. Gillingham

Microhabitat selection by sea turtles in a dynamic thermal marine environment
Gail Schofield, GRAEME C. HAYS, John D Pantis, Panayotis Dimopoulos, Kostas A Katselidis, Charles M Bishop

Using likelihood to test for Levy flight search patterns and for general power-law distributions in nature
Andrew M Edwards

Feeding ecology of wild migratory tunas revealed by archival tag records of visceral warming
Sophie Bestley, Toby A Patterson, Mark A Hindell, John S Gunn

Validation of a randomization procedure to assess animal habitat preferences: microhabitat use of tiger sharks in a seagrass ecosystem
MICHAEL HEITHAUS, Ian Hamilton, Aaron Wirsing, Lawrence Dill

Water Availability and Successful Lactation by Bats as Related to Climate Change in Arid Regions of Western North America
Rick A. Adams, Mark A Hayes

Energetics and space use: intraspecific and interspecific comparisons of movements and home ranges of two Colubrid snakes
Gerardo L F Carfagno, Patrick J Weatherhead

Natal dispersal in great bustards: the effect of sex, local population size and spatial isolation
Carlos A Martin, Juan C Alonso, Javier A Alonso, Carlos Palacin, Marina Magana, Beatriz Martin

Dynamic interactions among badgers: implications for sociality and disease transmission
Piran C L White, Monika Bohm, Kate L Palphramand, Geraldine Newton-Cross, Michael R Hutchings


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