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To coincide with the 7th annual Open Access Week, the Editors of Journal of Animal Ecology are pleased to release a Virtual Issue of all open access papers published in the Journal over the last two years. If you would like to publish open access in the journal please see details here



Molecular Ecology

Edited by Stuart Piertney

 Food Webs Virtual Issue Over the years Journal of Animal Ecology has showcased a large number of papers that have exploited molecular markers, always with an emphasis on contributions that are driven by ecological questions rather than technology. This virtual issue brings together several of these papers from the past two or so years that wonderfully illustrate how the use of molecular tools has advanced our understanding of key and emerging issues in disease ecology, dispersal, population dynamics and reproductive strategy.

Entomology in Animal Ecology

June 2014
Edited by Simon Leather

 Food Webs Virtual Issue Journal of Animal Ecology has long been a home for ground-breaking work using insects to gain insights into animal ecology, though recently the proportion of insect papers has been decreasing. In this Virtual Issue we showcase the critical role that studies on insects have played in shaping our understanding of animal ecology, in the hope that entomologists will send us more of their best work.

Food Webs

May 2014
Edited by Eoin O'Gorman

 Food Webs Virtual Issue The field of food web ecology has experienced an explosion of interest since the turn of the century, and many key papers in the field have a conspicuous link with Journal of Animal Ecology. In this VI, we highlight the contribution that papers in JAE have played in our understanding of food web ecology, including such areas as mutualistic and host-parasite networks, economically important agro-ecosystems, non-consumptive interactions, experimental manipulations of food webs, and mechanistic models.

Pollinator Ecology

January 2014

 Pollinators Virtual Issue To celebrate a joint meeting on the subject of bee health hosted by the Biochemical Society, the British Ecological Society and the Society for Experimental Biology in January 2014, the BES has compiled this virtual issue on Pollinator Ecology. The papers below are drawn from all five journals and provide examples of the latest research in pollinator ecology from flower visitation and ecosystem services, to the effects of invasive pollinators, agriculture, pesticides and bee pathogens.

Out of Africa

November 2013
Edited by Ken Wilson

 International Collaboration Virtual Issue During its 82 year history, Journal of Animal Ecology has published many key papers on the ecology of animals in Africa. In this VI, we highlight a number of papers from the region, many of which take advantage of these unique protected areas, including the Kruger National Park in South Africa; the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya; and the Serengeti, Gombe Stream and Tarangire National Parks in Tanzania. The aim is to showcase the major contribution to animal ecology of studies conducted in this vast and extraordinarily diverse continent.

International Collaboration

august 2013

 International Collaboration Virtual Issue The British Ecological Society and INTECOL are holding the 11th International Congress of Ecology in London as part of the society's centenary celebrations. The papers below are from a selection of keynote and plenary speakers, and represent one of the key themes of INTECOL – international collaboration. These papers all demonstrate international collaboration across multiple countries, in some cases as many as six or seven different countries. Together, they highlight the importance of international co-operation as the scope of ecology, and ecologists, grows wider.


Freshwater Ecology - Understanding ecosystems and reducing anthropogenic environmental stress


Freshwater Ecology Virtual IssueResearch into ecosystem functioning, the impacts of environmental stress and effective restoration techniques plays a crucial role in applying ecological knowledge to managing and conserving fresh waters.This Virtual Issue provides a brief flavour of how papers in Journal of Animal Ecology and other BES journals since 2010 have contributed to basic scientific knowledge, improved understanding of environmental stress and the effectiveness of restoring freshwater ecosystems.


BES Young Investigator Prizes - Winners and Runners Up 2012

APRIL 2013

YI Prize 2012 Each year the BES awards a prize for the best paper, in each of its journals, by an author at the start of their research career. This virtual issue brings together the winning papers and those selected by the editors as worthy of special mention as runners up from journal issues published in 2012. Congratulations to all concerned.


Evolutionary Dynamics in Animal Ecology

July 2012
Edited by Tim Coulson

Evolutionary Dynamics cover In this Virtual Issue we flag a range of papers examining evolutionary dynamics of behaviour, life history and morphological characters across a range of species in both the lab and the field. Journal of Animal Ecology is always delighted to receive papers on evolution in animal systems, particularly when they reveal the role of ecological processes.


Ecology in South America

June 2012
Edited by Ken Wilson and Jos Barlow

Virtual Issue on South America In this Virtual Issue, we highlight the breadth and depth of ecological research in South America published in two of the British Ecological Society journals: Journal of Animal Ecology and Journal of Applied Ecology. The thirty studies we highlight here were mostly published in the last decade, and cover a range of countries.


BES Young Investigator Prizes - Winners and Runners Up 2011


Virtual Issue on the role of litter in ecosystems Each year the BES awards a prize for the best paper, in each of its journals, by an author at the start of their research career. This virtual issue brings together the winning papers and those selected by the editors as worthy of special mention as runners up from journal issues published in 2011. Congratulations to all concerned.


Legacy of Charles Elton

July 2011
Edited by Ken Wilson

In 1931, the animal ecologist Charles Sutherland Elton (1900-1991) proposed to the British Ecological Society Council that it establish a new journal for publishing papers in the 'neglected area of animal ecology'. In the following year, he became the first editor of the new Journal of Animal Ecology, a role he served in for nearly twenty years. To celebrate this anniversary, here we launch a Virtual Issue to showcase Elton's ecological legacy.


Wildlife Disease Ecology

January 2011
Edited by Ken Wilson and Mike Boots

For almost eighty years, Journal of Animal Ecology has been publishing papers on the diseases of wild animals – the first was a short note published in Volume 1 of the journal back in 1932 by A.D. Middleton called: “Syphilis as a disease of wild rabbits and hares”! In Issue 1, January 2011, we publish an invited review of wildlife disease ecology by Tompkins et al., and to coincide with this we have compiled a virtual issue of some of the exciting papers published in this field in our journal.


June 2010

In recognition of International Year of Biodiversity, 2010, the five journals of the British Ecological Society - Journal of Ecology, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Functional Ecology and Methods in Ecology and Evolution - are pleased to publish a Virtual Issue of papers with biodiversity as a common theme.


Celebrating Darwin: Evolutionary Biology in the Journal of Animal Ecology

January 2009
Edited by Tim Coulson

The Journal of Animal Ecology has a long tradition of publishing research in evolutionary ecology. Over the years papers published in the journal have provided many key insights into the modus operandi of evolution in animal species. To celebrate the bi-centenary of Darwin's birth we have compiled a virtual issue of some of the exciting works showing the links between ecology and evolution and which have made a major impact on the way we think.

Biotelemetry and Biologging

November 2008
Edited by Graeme Hays

Small reliable transmitters and data-loggers can now be attached to animals for long periods. This virtual issue of Journal of Animal Ecology brings together recent material published in the journal on the applications of biotelemetry and biologging to a broad range of ecological questions and covers terrestrial, marine and aerial species. Amazing data-sets are coming out of field studies and we cover the developments in data-analysis that are at the vanguard of efforts to make the most of such information, as well as the ecological applications of both established and state-of-the-art devices.

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