Virtual Issue: Open Access week 2014


To coincide with the 7th annual Open Access Week, the five journals of the British Ecological Society are pleased to publish virtual issues of open access papers. These papers have all been published through the OnlineOpen programme. Members of the British Ecological Society are offered a 25% discount towards the cost of the Online Open scheme.





'How To...'

Building integral projection models: a user's guide
Mark Rees, Dylan Z. Childs and Stephen P. Ellner

Survival in macaroni penguins and the relative importance of different drivers: individual traits, predation pressure and environmental variability
Catharine Horswill, Jason Matthiopoulos, Jonathan A. Green, Michael P. Meredith, Jaume Forcada, Helen Peat, Mark Preston, Phil N. Trathan and Norman Ratcliffe

Parasite and Disease Ecology


Evidence-based control of canine rabies: a critical review of population density reduction
Michelle K. Morters, Olivier Restif, Katie Hampson, Sarah Cleaveland, James L. N. Wood and Andrew J. K. Conlan

Viral antibody dynamics in a chiropteran host
Kate S. Baker, Richard Suu-Ire, Jennifer Barr, David T. S. Hayman, Christopher C. Broder, Daniel L. Horton, Christopher Durrant, Pablo R. Murcia, Andrew A. Cunningham and James L. N. Wood

Dynamics of macronutrient self-medication and illness-induced anorexia in virally infected insects
Sonia Povey, Sheena C. Cotter, Stephen J. Simpson and Kenneth Wilson

Physiological Ecology

Growth trajectory influences temperature preference in fish through an effect on metabolic rate
Shaun S. Killen

A metabolic perspective on competition and body size reductions with warming
Daniel C. Reuman, Robert D. Holt and Gabriel Yvon-Durocher

Estimating resource acquisition and at-sea body condition of a marine predator
Robert S. Schick, Leslie F. New, Len Thomas, Daniel P. Costa, Mark A. Hindell, Clive R. McMahon, Patrick W. Robinson, Samantha E. Simmons, Michele Thums, John Harwood and James S. Clark

Community Ecology

Parasites and genetic diversity in an invasive bumblebee
Catherine M. Jones and Mark J. F. Brown

The marine diversity spectrum
Daniel C. Reuman, Henrik Gislason, Carolyn Barnes, Frédéric Mélin and Simon Jennings

Population Ecology

Concurrent effects of age class and food distribution on immigration success and population dynamics in a small mammal
Alice Rémy, Jean-François Le Galliard, Morten Odden and Harry P. Andreassen

Faltering lemming cycles reduce productivity and population size of a migratory Arctic goose species
Bart A. Nolet, Silke Bauer, Nicole Feige, Yakov I. Kokorev, Igor Yu. Popov and Barwolt S. Ebbinge

Time-lag in extinction dynamics in experimental populations: evidence for a genetic Allee effect?
Elodie Vercken, Flora Vincent, Ludovic Mailleret, Nicolas Ris, Elisabeth Tabone and Xavier Fauvergue

Life Histories

Maternal, social and abiotic environmental effects on growth vary across life stages in a cooperative mammal
Sinead English, Andrew W. Bateman, Rafael Mares, Arpat Ozgul and Tim H. Clutton-Brock

Male reproductive strategy explains spatiotemporal segregation in brown bears
Sam M.J.G. Steyaert, Jonas Kindberg, Jon E. Swenson and Andreas Zedrosser

Climate Ecology

Long-term phenological trends, species accumulation rates, aphid traits and climate: five decades of change in migrating aphids
James R. Bell, Lynda Alderson, Daniela Izera, Tracey Kruger, Sue Parker, Jon Pickup, Chris R. Shortall, Mark S. Taylor, Paul Verrier and Richard Harrington

Behavioural Ecology

Predator-dependent functional response in wolves: from food limitation to surplus killing
Barbara Zimmermann, Håkan Sand, Petter Wabakken, Olof Liberg and Harry Peter Andreassen

Spatial Ecology

Linking habitat selection and predation risk to spatial variation in survival
Nicholas J. DeCesare, Mark Hebblewhite, Mark Bradley, David Hervieux, Lalenia Neufeld and Marco Musiani


The relationship between body mass and field metabolic rate among individual birds and mammals
Lawrence N. Hudson, Nick J. B. Isaac and Daniel C. Reuman

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