Virtual Issue: Wildlife Disease Ecology

Edited by Dr Ken Wilson and Professor Mike Boots

For almost eighty years, Journal of Animal Ecology has been publishing papers on the diseases of wild animals – the first was a short note published in Volume 1 of the journal back in 1932 by A.D. Middleton called: “Syphilis as a disease of wild rabbits and hares”! In Issue 1, January 2011, we publish an invited review of wildlife disease ecology by Tompkins et al., and to coincide with this we have compiled a virtual issue of some of the exciting papers published in this field in our journal. Naturally, we focus on articles published during the last decade, but we also include a number of ‘classic’ papers published over the past 30 years or so. To emphasise the scope and importance of wildlife disease ecology, we have chosen papers that use a variety of approaches (including mathematical modelling, field-based experiments and laboratory studies), include a range of infectious disease agents (including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes and parasitoids), and focus on hosts from a range of taxonomic groups (including insects, crustacea, birds and mammals).

Stability in Insect Host-Parasite Models
M. P. Hassell, R. M. May

Regulation and Stability of Host-Parasite Population Interactions: I. Regulatory Processes
Roy M. Anderson, Robert M. May

Regulation and Stability of a Free-Living Host-Parasite System: Trichostrongylus tenuis in Red Grouse. II. Population Models
Andrew P. Dobson, Peter J. Hudson

Regulation and Stability of a Free-Living Host-Parasite System: Trichostrongylus tenuis in Red Grouse. I. Monitoring and Parasite Reduction Experiments
Peter J. Hudson, David Newborn, Andrew P. Dobson

Individual Differences, Parasites, and the Costs of Reproduction for Bighorn Ewes (Ovis Canadensis)
Marco Festa-Bianchet

Reproductive Effort Influences the Prevalence of Haematozoan Parasites in Great Tits
Ken Norris, M. Anwar, Andrew F. Read

The Ecological Interactions between a Microsporidian Parasite and its Host Daphnia magna
Dieter Ebert

Long-Term Population Dynamics of the Indian meal Moth Plodia interpunctella and its Granulosis Virus
S. M. Sait, M. Begon, D. J. Thompson

The effects of cowpox virus on survival in natural rodent populations: increases and decreases
Sandra Telfer, Malcolm Bennett, Kevin Bown, Rachel Cavanagh, Laurent Crespin, Sarah Hazel, Trevor Jones and Michael Begon

The impact of gastrointestinal nematodes on wild reindeer: experimental and cross-sectional studies
A. Stien, R. J. Irvine, E. Ropstad, O. Halvorsen, R. Langvatn and S. D. Albon

Strong context-dependent virulence in a host-parasite system: reconciling genetic evidence with theory
Mark J. F. Brown, Regula Schmid-Hempel and Paul Schmid-Hempel

The impact of disease on the survival and population growth rate of the Tasmanian devil
Shelly Lachish, Menna Jones and Hamish McCallum

Dynamics of a multihost pathogen in a carnivore community
M. E. Craft, P. L. Hawthorne, C. Packer and A. P. Dobson

Social group size affects Mycobacterium bovis infection in European badgers (Meles meles)
Rosie Woodroffe, Christl A. Donnelly, Gao Wei, D.R. Cox, F. John Bourne, Terry Burke, Roger K. Butlin, C.L. Cheeseman, George Gettinby, Peter Gilks, Simon Hedges, Helen E. Jenkins, W. Thomas Johnston, John P. McInerney, W. Ivan Morrison and Lisa C. Pope

Can the protein costs of bacterial resistance be offset by altered feeding behaviour?
Sonia Povey, Sheena C. Cotter, Stephen J. Simpson, Kwang Pum Lee and Kenneth Wilson

Food web topology and parasites in the pelagic zone of a subarctic lake
Per-Arne Amundsen, Kevin D. Lafferty, Rune Knudsen, Raul Primicerio, Anders Klemetsen and Armand M. Kuris

Comparison of social networks derived from ecological data: implications for inferring infectious disease dynamics
Sarah E. Perkins, Francesca Cagnacci, Anna Stradiotto, Daniele Arnoldi and Peter J. Hudson

Host behaviour and exposure risk in an insect-pathogen interaction
Benjamin J. Parker, Bret D. Elderd and Greg Dwyer

Wildlife Diseases: from individuals to ecosystems
Daniel M. Tompkins, Alison M. Dunn, Matthew J. Smith and Sandra Telfer

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